Objects With Purpose

I am thrilled to be able to offer these special candles created by Ianthe Mauro. Ianthe and I went to high school together. I remember when I first met her in Drama class our Sophomore year. We both auditioned for the lead role in Up the Down Staircase - and we both got it! I took one night... she took two. I forgot whole scenes... she was flawless! Our Senior year, she was voted Most Individualistic.  Years later, she is still shining brightly and showing off her talents with her beautiful creations that have been featured on The Today Show and in Oscar swag bags! She was motivated to create these candles when she discovered that most traditional candles release toxins when burned.  Made with coconut butter and essential oils, these vegan candles can also be used as a body butter, massage oil, and perfume.

I've selected three of my favorite scents to offer here. The next time you have your girlfriends over, set an intention for the evening, and light one of these amazing candles to show your gratitude for their friendship!


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